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Lotte Gunderskov

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If you need a writer, translator, an executive assistant or an HR partner, I can help you.

I am very competitive with regards to both quality, price and time!
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You can also get a fixed price on the entire project

Hours spent and the price obviously depends on the size of the task, the complexity, any research time and deadline.
Proofreading is always included in a translation. If required, translations can be double-checked by a native proofreader.

All prices are quoted excl. VAT.

Executive Assistant

During my career I have worked as both secretary, executive assistant (EA) and personal assistant (PA) and thus I have obtained solid experience with the variety of tasks covered in these roles. I work efficiently and structured, I understand the concept “sense of urgency”, I master the art of multi tasking, and I take great pride in cooperating with all levels of an organization.


Danish is my native language, and English my second language. I hold a degree in English translation and thus I am trained in the use of business language. Throughout my professional career as well as in my private life I have spoken English on a daily basis and I have many years of experience with translation of many different types of texts for various industries: IT industry, travel industry, biotech industry, commerce, etc.


Writing is my lifelong passion. Throughout my career I have accomplished multiple communication tasks and I have many years of experience with writing and text editing of different types of texts. I can help convey your messages so they will be understood and not misunderstood! I choose the words and phrase the text so that it comes across as relevant and targeted.

HR Partner

7 years with HR responsibility has given me a solid and extensive knowledge of HR on a both operative and strategic level. I have served as support for managers in connection with all steps of an employee’s career cycle – from resource planning, recruitment, on-boarding, retention and development to a potential departure, and I have actively participated in organizational expansions, restructuring and downsizing, etc.

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